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Are you seeking to enhance your customer engagement, optimize call flows, and provide a seamless communication experience? Discover the power of UNIVERGE BLUE® ENGAGE Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – a tool designed for today's savvy business and sales managers who demand speed, flexibility, and superb customer interaction management.


Let’s say, that one (1) ‘No Show’ per day costs your
business $200. Not being able to backfill that vacancy
means that $200 is lost forever.

Interactive Voice Response

Empower Your Business with Easy-IVR

Simple Configuration

No more complexity in setting up IVRs. You can configure highly customized call flows intuitively, ensuring every customer interaction is a smooth ride.

Streamline and Reduce Complexity

Utilize our drop-down wizard within your ENGAGE administration portal for straightforward, no-fuss configuration.

Save Time

 Get a basic IVR up and running in just five minutes with a simple four-stage setup process and immediate publishing capabilities.

Control and Customizability

 Effortlessly implement multilingual call flows to reach a wide customer base without extra configurations.

CRM Integration

ersonalize and improve resolution of customer calls with integrated screen pops that display vital information the moment you need it.

IVR Data & Call Info

Access crucial call statistics in real time, helping to refine your customer service strategies for maximum impact.

Outbound IVR Notification

Reach your customers proactively at the best times, with automated outbound notifications that are both effective and non-disruptive.

Multi-Lingual Support

Implement multi-lingual call flows effortlessly, without additional configurations, appealing to a broad customer base.

Private Data Collection

Keep sensitive information such as credit card details confidential even during live calls with private data collection menus.

NEC + Abitronix

Engage With Confidence, Connect with Purpose

Leverage UNIVERGE BLUE® ENGAGE, powered by NEC and distributed by Abitronix, to elevate customer engagement in Retail, Healthcare, Education, and beyond. Utilize proactive outbound notifications to enhance experiences at every touchpoint.

UNIVERGE BLUE® ENGAGE isn’t just a product; it’s the partner you need to streamline your communications. Forge stronger connections with your clients and build a reputation for reliability and proactive service.

Ready to upgrade your communication strategy? UNIVERGE BLUE® ENGAGE is your comprehensive answer.


IVR Technology and Industry Specific Use Cases

IVR in Banking

Enhance customer satisfaction with 24/7 banking services including balance inquiries, transaction histories, payments, and transfers, all facilitated through our robust IVR system.

IVR in Education

Adapt swiftly to the dynamic educational landscape by providing parents and students with up-to-date information through a reliable communication channel.

IVR in Government

Communicate vital community updates effectively and offer essential services like payments and location-based information through accessible, automated telephone systems.

IVR in Medical

IVR systems allow patients to access data anonymously. Hospitals and clinics use IVR to offer anonymous access to test results, preserving privacy and avoiding embarrassment.

"Because of the extra flexibility UNIVERGE BLUE delivers our team efficiency has improved 100%!"

James Tiller

James Tiller

Operations Director

“As our business has grown, we needed a remote-friendly solution that converges the features of many platforms into one integrated solution – UNIVERGE BLUE gave us that.”

David Hunter

David Hunter

Ceo Epic Web Studios

“Thanks to UNIVERGE BLUE we’ve increased our team efficiency by 90%.”

Neeraj Bhatia

Neeraj Bhatia


“The mobile app has changed the way we work completely.”

Alex Pike

Alex Pike

Commercial Manager

“The ability to follow-up missed calls is easily worth £5k per week for us.”

Richard Evans

Richard Evans



Simplifying Engagement, Maximizing Potential.

Maximize your revenue potential and ensure a customer experience that not only meets expectations but sets the bar higher.

Capture every opportunity and turn them into lasting relationships with UNIVERGE BLUE® ENGAGE.

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