Surveillance Design & Install


Is it time to install a surveillance system to protect your customers’ investments? Is it time to upgrade that old Analog system for a top of the line HD or IP 4KSystem? Wouldn’t you like to work with a friendly and reliable Distributor/Installer who can design and also install your system?

Pick up the phone and let us work with you on your Surveillance Solution from top to bottom. Whether you have a private home, office, retail store, resort/hotel, warehouse, or public institution project, we carry the suitable Surveillance Equipment for your application.

In addition, our team can help you identify the right cameras for your projects, also advise you on camera location, as well as NVR/HD-DVR recommendations based on your customers' image quality and data retention requirements.

You can count on our troubleshooting support and expertise, we are here to help!

Our surveillance line of products include:

  • HD-TVI / IP / 4K Surveillance Cameras
  • Monitoring & Recording Systems (NVR / NVR-4K / HD-TVI DVR)
  • Bulk Cable (Siamese, Category 5E/6E/6A, Fiber)
  • All CCTV Accessories (Including Free Software and Mobile App)

HD-TVI / IP / 4K Surveillance Cameras

The right camera selection can help protect both your employees and your inventory by increasing safety and acting as a crime deterrent.

  • Indoor/Outdoor/Weatherproof surveillance cameras - Up to IP67 weatherproof, completely dust tight and able to withstand submersion in water
  • Day/Night surveillance cameras - IR / EXIR cameras ensure high night time visibility
  • Vandal-proof surveillance cameras - Protect your investment and prevent tampering
  • Hard Wired or Wireless surveillance cameras - So you can position a camera anywhere
  • HD-TVI / IP surveillance cameras - For greater video quality, better resolution, less pixilation
  • 4K Cameras for the best resolution in the market

Monitoring & Recording Systems (NVR / NVR-4K / HD-TVI DVR)

Monitoring and recording systems can be tailored in design and size to suit your business needs.

  • Monitors - Monitors provide real-time access to footage (live and recorded)
  • NVRs – HD-TVI DVRs - In store accidents can be recorded for insurance reasons, and video data recorded on a NVR/HD-TVI DVR can help with police incident reports.
  • Mobile/Remote Access – Cameras and footage can be viewed and fully managed remotely via computer or any mobile device (Tablet/Smartphone)
  • Push Notifications - Monitored events can trigger push notifications to your mobile device

Bulk Cable (Siamese, Category 5E/6E/6A, Fiber)

We can supply you with the best cables needed for a top quality surveillance installation.

  • Coaxial (RG6, RG59 and Siamese Cable)
  • Category 5E, 6E, 6A Cable
  • Fiber

All CCTV Accessories

We will provide you with all the accessories to complete your quality surveillance installation (Additionally, Free Software and Mobile App).

  • Housing, Brackets
  • Camera Tester
  • BNC Connectors and RJ45 modular plugs
  • Power supplies and Power boxes