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Abitronix provides a comprehensive range of network services that cater to projects of all sizes, irrespective of their intricacy.

These services can range from simple maintenance tasks, such as monitoring network performance and resolving connectivity issues, to more complex tasks, such as network design and implementation.


Is your router delivering sufficient coverage? Are you finding yourself situated too far from your present router? Abitronix presents comprehensive wireless solutions tailored for small, medium, or large enterprises, buildings, and homes. With a diverse array of options sourced from esteemed manufacturers in the wireless industry, we possess the capability to expand the range of your existing WiFi network and enhance the performance of your router.

Installing wireless access points (WAPs) is crucial in establishing a reliable and efficient wireless network infrastructure. Abitronix specializes in providing professional wireless access point installation services, ensuring optimal coverage, performance, and security for your organization. Our team of experienced technicians begins the installation process by conducting a thorough site survey to assess your premises’ layout, size, and specific requirements. This survey helps determine the ideal number and strategic placement of wireless access points to provide comprehensive coverage and minimize potential interference. During the installation process, our technicians perform thorough testing to verify the functionality and performance of each access point. They assess signal strength, coverage, and network connectivity across the premises, making any necessary adjustments or optimizations to ensure an optimal wireless experience for users. With Abitronix’s wireless access point installation services, you can benefit from a reliable and secure wireless network infrastructure that meets your organization’s specific needs.

Experience the game-changing benefits of a faster, more efficient network for your business with Abitronix. As experts in deploying cutting-edge 5G network design solutions, we empower projects seeking to enhance and expand their network infrastructure. 5G, the fifth generation of networking, revolutionizes communication by amplifying bandwidth, capacity, and speed while reducing latency. Whether you require a private network, a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solution, or a cloud-based 5G infrastructure, our dedicated team will guide you every step. Embrace the transformative power of 5G technology and unlock unparalleled connectivity. Contact Abitronix today to propel your business forward.

Elevate your connectivity to new heights with our innovative solar-powered WiFi 6 solution. This solution is perfect for rural locations or hard-to-reach areas. Designed to deliver exceptional performance and sustainability, solar-powered WiFi 6 combines the latest wireless technology with renewable energy. Experience fast speeds, enhanced network capacity, and reduced latency while enjoying the freedom of environmentally friendly, off-grid operation. With an impressive range of up to 350m line-of-sight, this solution ensures widespread coverage, simultaneously supporting 25-500 users. Embrace the power of solar, and revolutionize your connectivity experience effortlessly.

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Abitronix provides a range of carrier services that utilize proprietary infrastructures owned by authorized telecommunication service providers. These carrier networks play a vital role in efficiently distributing vast volumes of data across extensive geographical distances.

Abitronix is a leader in the industry, providing a wide range of options for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking as a cutting-edge communication solution. SIP trunking, also known as Session Initiation Protocol trunking, revolutionizes the way phone calls and connections are established and managed digitally. Abitronix’s SIP trunking service offerings enable voice calls to be transmitted over the internet, allowing seamless communication with any telephone recipient. By replacing traditional analog and ISDN phone lines, Abitronix’s Service Providers can offer virtual phone lines that serve as a reliable alternative. This is especially significant as many regions and countries are already planning to phase out ISDN services gradually. SIP trunking offers several advantages, including cost-effectiveness, scalability across multiple locations, reliability, and flexibility. By adopting SIP trunking, businesses can enjoy affordable and adaptable communication solutions while ensuring reliable connectivity.

Abitronix offers SD-WAN solutions to enhance the performance of wide-area networks. SD-WAN, which stands for Software-Defined Wide Area Network, leverages the principles of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) to securely connect users, applications, and data across multiple locations, resulting in improved performance. Abitronix’s SD-WAN services simplify WAN management by centralizing control and providing comprehensive visibility throughout the network. Operating as a virtual service, it efficiently routes traffic using a centralized control plane, allowing administrators to define rules, policies and effortlessly apply them across the network. With Abitronix ‘s SD-WAN offerings, enterprises can seamlessly connect their networks over long distances and experience the benefits of SD-WAN technology.

Abitronix offers MPLS as a cutting-edge networking solution. MPLS, short for Multiprotocol Label Switching, revolutionizes network performance and user experience by utilizing labels to route traffic instead of relying solely on network addresses. With Abitronix’s expertise, MPLS efficiently forwards data packets across private wide area networks, enhancing traffic speed and reducing user downtime. Compared to traditional IP routing methods, Abitronix’s MPLS service ensures scalability, improved performance, and increased bandwidth. In light of the growing adoption of cloud services, the hub-and-spoke model of MPLS can become inefficient and costly due to traffic backhauling and the rising demand for bandwidth and cloud expertise. Abitronix recognizes these challenges and provides innovative solutions to optimize MPLS networks for seamless cloud integration, ensuring clients can enjoy the benefits of both MPLS and cloud technologies without compromising efficiency or incurring unnecessary costs.

Abitronix offers robust Metro Ethernet services encompassing point-to-point and multipoint connectivity solutions across expansive networks. Originally designed as a local area network (LAN) technology, Metro Ethernet has evolved into a highly desirable alternative to low-speed wide area network (WAN) technologies. Businesses choose Abitronix’s Metro Ethernet services due to their cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and ease of use. Our team specializes in connecting your business offices and data centers, establishing seamless connectivity with public or private cloud data centers, and enabling efficient multicast delivery for conferencing purposes. Our reliable and efficient Metro Ethernet solution ensures secure and uninterrupted communication throughout your network infrastructure.

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Abitronix, a leading provider of cabling infrastructure solutions, specializes in offering the physical network of cables and associated components necessary for the smooth transmission of data, voice, and other communication signals.

With Abitronix's expertise in designing and installing reliable infrastructure systems, our customers can expect efficient and uninterrupted communication services.

Our comprehensive solutions act as the fundamental backbone for a range of technologies, including telephones, networks, audio, video, and security systems.

By ensuring seamless connectivity among devices and facilitating the smooth flow of information, Abitronix's high-quality cabling infrastructure plays a crucial role in optimizing the performance and dependability of these systems.

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