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Transform the way your teams collaborate, communicate, and connect, whether they are in the office, working remotely, or on-site.


Superior Communication Tools

Transform Your Workplace with Integrated Intelligent Communications

UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT is not just a tool; it's a comprehensive solution specifically designed to:


Don’t waste money on legacy business communications or multiple vendors! See how much you could save by moving to the cloud and consolidating with UNIVERGE BLUE.

Key Features Include

Integrated Intelligent Communications


Over 100 enterprise-grade calling features with stellar network call quality and uptime.


A mobile app that turns any smartphone into an essential collaboration tool.


Enables flexible communication, allowing calls, chats, screen shares, video calls, and more.


High-definition meetings that reduce travel needs and improve collaborative efforts.


Plug and play configured phones that maintain office functionality, anywhere.


UNIVERGE BLUE WEBFAX for convenient, paperless fax management.


Direct chats, private/public channels, and text messaging for holistic communication.

NEC + Abitronix

Seamless Collaboration for Forward-Thinking Businesses

In today's fast-paced world, your business needs communication solutions that meet the demand for efficiency and adaptability. UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT, from ABITRONIX and NEC, redefines how employees stay connected and productive, regardless of their location or device.

UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT is designed with scalability in mind, custom-tailored to suit your unique business needs and workflow preferences. Whether you're a startup or an established enterprise, our cloud-based services empower you to future-proof your business communications effortlessly.

Take the First Step Towards Transformation!


Drive Business Success with Superior Communication Tools

Your business’s communication tools should be engines of productivity, not barriers. With UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT, your employees can reach their full potential, delivering peak performance critical to your business’s success. Smart functionalities of this platform include:

Use of mobile devices as part of the CONNECT phone system.

Transcription of voicemail messages to text and email.

An integrated suite to boosts productivity and collaboration.

“ UNIVERGE BLUE has made all our operations easier. The whole team are more contactable and responsive from wherever they’re working”


Ann Marie Dalton

Ann Marie Dalton

Director, Shipley Blinds & Curtains Ltd

“We live in a mobile, connected society, and COVID shone a big bright spotlight on it. We had people that needed to isolate at home, often simply as a precaution, and the mobile app has assisted them in carrying on as usual. It has also allowed our managers, administrators, and physicians to be even more responsive to their staff and patients. They can get a call, voicemail, or email through the mobile app, and depending on their subscription, they can also get a transcript of their voicemails, without being at their desk.”

Blake Thomason

Blake Thomason

Network Administrator, Mizell

“Because of the extra flexibility UNIVERGE BLUE delivers our team efficiency has improved 100%!”


James Tiller

James Tiller

Operations Director, Christopher Shaw Residential Ltd


Stronger Business with UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT

Don't miss the easiest revenue source—your current satisfied customers. UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT is designed to magnify those smiles into sales with features like intelligent routing, self-service options, and support for SMS and webchat. Keep your customer experience high and see your revenues soar!

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