Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs)



Billions of dollars are spent annually delivering high speed fiber networks to Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) —apartments, condos, and student-housing—across North America. Service providers recognize the rich potential returns on a fiber investment in such high-density markets. Fiber connections will bring fast, reliable, content-rich services to millions of households. However, poor planning of fiber network interfaces and service delivery to a consumer's media devices can leave everyone, from the builder/developer and building owner to the service provider and tenants/subscribers, frustrated. The ideal solution is to work with a fiber network service provider to develop a design that meets not only the provider's service delivery needs, but also works with the unique requirements of the MDU. The tenant's interface with the technology should take priority as this can increase both demand for new services from the service provider as well as the value of the property itself. It will also be the source of most service problems.