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Looking for video distribution and headend components or surveillance solutions?

We specializing in servicing the hospitality industry, and understand the importance of meeting your project schedule in order to maximize peak season revenue. Some of our hospitality customers include Palace Resorts, Four Points by Sheraton, Hilton, Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana, and Best Western. We love to help you with your next construction project or solution upgrade.

Some of the products we offer include:

  • Video Distribution for Digital Signage & In-Room Entertainment
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Data Networks and Telephony
  • Wireless Networks
  • Video Conferencing Solutions

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HD Video Distribution for Digital Signage & In-Room Entertainment

Whether you are a hotel, bar, casino, or restaurant, we can design a video distribution solution to meet your needs, including:

  • Digital Modulators - For creating your own private channels
  • Digital Amplifiers - For boosting signal power over longer cable runs
  • Matrix Switches - For creating display groups

Surveillance Systems

The right surveillance system can help deter theft and monitoring common areas and parking facilities can help keep your guests safe. Monitoring the front desk can enable you to deploy appropriate resources to ensure optimal customer service.

  • Surveillance Cameras
    • Indoor/Outdoor/Weatherproof - Up to IP67 weatherproof, completely dust tight and able to withstand submersion in water
    • Day/Night - IR cameras ensure high night time visibility
    • Vandalproof - Protect your investment and prevent tampering
    • Hard Wired or Wireless - So you can position a camera anywhere
    • HD Cameras - For greater video clarity
  • Monitoring and Recording Systems
    • Monitors - Live monitors povide realtime access to footage.
    • HD-TVI DVRs and NVRs - In store accidents can be recorded for insurance reasons, and video data recorded on a NVR or HD-TVI DVR can help with police incident reports.
    • Mobile Access - Cameras can be viewed and managed remotely via computer or any Smart Device (Tablet, Cell Phone)
    • Push Notifications - Monitored events can trigger push notifications to your mobile device.

Data Networks and Telephony

Are you looking to create or upgrate your data and telephony networks? Using your current rates of data creation, data storage, energy usage and communication needs, we will design an effective and efficient system tailored to meet your current needs and be easily scalable for the future as your business grows.

  • Data Cabinets and Racks - Designed to maximize airflow for effective cooling
  • Power Management solutions - To keep your business running in case of a power outage
  • Bulk Cable - Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat 7 (indoor/outdoor)

Wireless Networks

We can help you create, upgrade or expand your wireless network.

  • High speed wireless - To enhance guest experience
  • Seamlessly compatible with existing devices - So you can expand your network without having to replace existing infrastructure
  • Security Encryption - To protect your network from unwanted access