19 Jun 12:00 PM
Until 19 Jun, 02:00 PM 2h

Securing the Digital Future at the Workplace: The Synergy of AI and Cybersecurity

Lunch and Learn 🥗📝

Hosted by Mayor Joe Nicastro and Abitronix.

Top Tech Advisors as they delve into the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the digital landscape! Discover how AI is transforming the workforce and its implications for cybersecurity in the Enterprise sector.


  • ZAYO - learn how Zayo manages and delivers a complete Edge to Core to Cloud through AI-driven customer-focused monitoring and management portal
  • VONAGE - Customer experience has changed with today's conversational features, such as AI Virtual Assistants. Learn how AI-driven speech recognition and analytics technology is used to enhance and assist live contact center agents and so much more.
  • CLARO - AI Video Analytics is enhancing existing video security systems with intelligent detection capabilities to elevate situational awareness and provide critical alerts within seconds.
  • HARBORSHIELD CYBERSECURITY - While AI is a great enhancement to the workplace (when used properly), it opens up many security concerns. Learn some steps Harborshield has taken to assist enterprises with security and compliance.
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